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Printing Services, Banners, and More

Get digital printing services for your interior or exterior space. For all your printing requests, Octoprint printing services will have you covered. We can print on many materials including specialized paper, fabric, metal, stone, and more. Get matte, glossy, or water resistant surfaces. Colour quality, resolution, and durability are always our main concerns with every print job. Whether you’re looking for products for your home, office, hotel, conference, or workspace, our wide range of products and services are bound to cater to your needs.

Mesh: made of fine PVC, the grid allows light to pass through and illuminate the backspace. The visual effect and affordable price of mesh have increased its advertising use. We can produce mesh in ordinary and self-adhesive types in various widths.

Flex: flex signs use a backlight to create depth and draw the eye, perfect for dark and night spaces. Available in cube, rail, shield, and metal skeleton forms, they are used as a store board, store and company signage, outdoor advertising, billboards, and exhibition spaces. It is available in sticker and print.

Adhesive PP: polypropylene pages have a coated surface (between mid-level coated paper and high-level gloss) and an adhesive back. Pasted onto surfaces and foam boards, they can be used for alert tags, barcodes, price stickers, shelf labels, flexible packaging, folders, and more.

Photographic paper: using the best quality photo-gloss paper, get great colour, resolution, and durability. The polished surface is due to a gelatine coating and is useful for photo exhibitions, architectural competitions, copies of paintings, and other professional presentations.

Transparent: get a clear, colourless, and resistant surface for your designs and prints. Great for glass surfaces, use for advertising and in the automotive, glass, and window industries.

Wallpaper: our wallpaper is based on the customer’s desired use, size, colour, and material. From natural landscapes to portraits, all our wallpaper designs are washable and light resistant due to PVC or polyurethane coatings. Eco-solvent ink has a low-odour and is compatible with human and environmental health. Get a custom design, use for advertising, or print a photo at any desired size.

Metallized: with a metallic layer for shine and a gelatin coating for a smooth surface that the ink can adhere to, metallized printing is often used for photos, paintings, posters, pharmaceutical labels, cosmetics, gold-stamped foils, holograms, and luxury boxes.

Carpet: any materials made with lint, such as carpet frame and tablecloths, are considered carpet printing. For your fluffy textiles, print your custom design directly on the carpet for interior decorating and advertising.

Carton plast: this material is used for packing and wrapping in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It is resistant to moisture, chemical elements, pressure, and impact. Display the title and logo of your company on this flexible material.

Fabric: for your clothing, curtains, billboards, light boxes, and more, digital printing allows for your design and print to shine through. Fabrics with a high polyester percentage (at least 73%) are best suited for printing. We can use a variety of ink best suited for your fabric needs. Depending on the fabric and design, we either directly print on the material or print it on paper and iron press it. We sample the print quality prior to every fabric printing.

Stone: stone material printing is often used for decorative and promotional purposes. Print on stone for appreciation tablets, letters of honor, gravestones, and internal architecture for hotels, office, and building facades.

Backlit: make your sign or poster standout with backlight lighting. We use paper and coated films that allow the light to pass through. This creates a beautiful visual that grabs the eye of people passing by. Use for your store, fast food restaurant, exhibition stand, airport hallway, and other large foot traffic areas.

Gloss: using a gelatin coating, the colour intensity and resolution are higher in gloss paper. It is available in photo gloss (with mirror luminosity) and semi-gloss. Due to the high quality, gloss printing is great for professional photos and graphic designs.

Label: get your information across in a bright and vibrant way. Print UV, matte, cellophane, and gloss labels. Paper labels are popular due to their low-cost and versatility in finishes. Labels are most often used for packaging goods and to insert information on products.

Canvas: print your image on canvas for a long-lasting decoration. Display your art in studios, your home, hotel, or office. This is best suited for large format printing in need of good print quality and image display.


Vinyl: sticker printing is a thin PVC material with glue that is waterproof and tear resistant. Choose between a variety of adhesives and surface coatings. People use vinyl stickers for advertising and decorating applications and have remained a constant in the printing industry. They are available in various dimensions, shapes, sizes, colours, and ink quality.

Wide: for a large width, wide printing covers widths above 320 to 500 cm with dimensions up to 5 m printed at once, on a singular page. Get fast printing at large sizes. Depending on the use, density levels can change for temporary or long-term usage.

Matte: in bright areas, matte banners are used due to their lack of light reflection. This feature means it is great for outdoor advertising at exhibitions and stadiums as well as indoor spaces exposed to direct sun. Banners can be printing with widths from 105 to 510 cm.

Blackout: in cases when you don’t want the light to shine through, blackout banners are made to stop shadows and the back structure to be seen. With a blackened back surface, print your design on the other side without fear of unwanted light.

Florescent: the market’s reflective banner, it is best used in poorly lit areas that do not have enough light to view the banner surface. When hit with any light, the sign stands out. These banners are most often used for road signs, vehicle surfaces, and dark passage signs.

Mesh: this grid material allows light to pass through to see behind the banner. Your corporate designs and logos can be printed perfectly for exterior and interior use.

Solit: this is best used for up-close viewing from the audience. Because of the smooth surface, print high-resolution images quickly. Use them for seminars, news meetings, exhibition boards, strategic boards, and more. Solit banners can be printed in widths from 100 to 320 cm.

Gloss: with a bright surface, gloss banners are great for indoor use for informing and advertising. It is known for its shiny surface and resistance to sun. This banner can be printed in widths from 105 to 500 cm.

Double-sided: print on both sides of your banner to grab the attention of people from all directions. These are best hung and suspended, often used for lamp post signage. Advertise or beautify with double-sided print.


Coated paper: similar to cardboard, coated paper has a special coating suitable for water-based inks. With high absorbency, the paper is suitable for patterns, colours, and images. Heavy coating is best suited for long-term application such as signs and posters. Lightweight coating is not as durable but has the same bright colour effect as heavy coating.

Pressing laminate: the most practical way to protect printed documents, laminate keeps your paper safe from moisture, shrinkage, staining, blackening, burning, and more. A thin layer of transparent plastic is pasted onto one or both sides of the paper.

Pressing frame: frame board is a wood fibre board best suited for designs and photos. First, the image is printed on laminate with a matte or gloss finish and then attached to the frame boards. They are available in different sizes and can easily be installed on walls.

Pressing foam board: a frame board with a polystyrene core, foam board is light, moisture resistant, smooth, easily cut, and strong. Available in adhesive and non-adhesive, it comes in different sizes and thickness based on your specifications and use.

Binding: the last step of any book, magazine, or bulletin, binding connects and interlocks pages. With a cover, prevent your pages from being worn-out or damaged. Based on the number of pages and usage, bindings can be done using glue, staples, or wired methods.

Statue: statues are classified as small portable sculptures with a length of 25 to 40 cm and a width of 10 to 15 cm. They are often used to commemorate a special event to show appreciation to individuals. Made of wood, plexiglass, metal, and multi-steel, we use a CNC milling machine or laser cutting machine to create your pieces.

Poster snap: poster snaps are an alternative to poster frames. They attach to the top and bottom of the poster to be hung from walls and other surfaces. Easily display your poster and remove it with poster snaps for your exhibition or sales centre.

Spring frame: made of lightweight aluminium, spring frames use u-shaped hooks to attach each corner of a poster to a frame. This completely centers the poster in the frame. This system can be used for a variety of digital posters and sizes.

Roll-up: Gathered in an aluminium base, easily transport or store your banners and posters with stable or motorized roll-ups. Laminate, canvass, and PVC sheets are the most common medium used for roll-ups. Use for conferences, seminars, and public places.

Counter: Counters allow for face to face interaction with an audience for exhibitions and storefronts. Showcase products, services, and information. The counter table is made of MDF boards and PVC coating, with images, designs, logos printed on its surface.

Digital cutting: get simple cutting service for your binding and print products. Digital cutting uses a computer and laser to help produce many promotional products, statues, appreciation plaques, and various engravings.

Pop up: the largest structure of an exhibition, pop-ups provide a large promotional surface. It is made of lightweight aluminium for easy transportation and assembly. Get a flat or curved structure. Laminate plates and banners are the most common mediums used for pop-ups.


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