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Direct Printing in the Greater Toronto Area

Get vivid visuals from Octoprint in Richmond Hill. We use a flatbed printing machine to create all our direct printing products. It has the ability to print a variety of patterns, designs, and colours onto most materials. Check out the range of direct printing that Octoprint offers. For any further information, contact our store and we will answer any of your lingering questions.

Composite plates are used for interior décor and building facades. Easy to install, composite sheets are also lightweight, durable, and waterproof. Digital printing directly prints onto your desired composite material for a high quality finish.

Composite material is made of 2 or more materials with different physical and chemical properties. After production, it obtains characteristics from each of the combined materials. It is available in various materials including reinforced plastics, composite wood, ceramic matrix, aluminium, and metal.

Known as dye-sublimation, a computerized printer uses heat to transfer dye onto fabric. Print any pattern, design, and colour onto your fabric. This process can be done on fabrics with a high polyester percentage (70% minimum) and bright colours. Direct fabric printing is often used for light boxes and backlit advertising.

Foam board
A frame with a polystyrene core, foam board can be cut, texturized, and is moisture resistant. It is most often used for frame printing, photo installation, posters, promotional booths, graphic signs, and more. The process is done using our flatbed machine. Ensure high-quality, bright colours on a durable surface by choosing a foam board.

Printing on glass is an excellent tool for advertising and promotions and a popular option in the printing industry. Add words to your storefronts glass window or print a logo across your interior glass! We guarantee bright colours with a lasting finish.

Print directly on your leather or artificial leather clothing, furniture, and other items. Due to the popularity of the material, leather quickly became a staple for digital printing. Print designs, words, and shapes of your desired colour to bring your item to the next level.

Metal plates have gained in popularity for interior and exterior decorating purposes. They can also be used for traffic signs, billboards, building facades, picture frames, and more. Choose the type of metal best suited for your needs and budget. No matter the project, the result is your requested design printed bright and bold.

Plexiglas is a more durable and cost-effective alternative to glass. Get the same clarity, luminosity, and transparency as glass without the worry of it shattering. Plexiglass is can withstand 10 times more than regular glass. Our ink will have no problem adhering to the plexiglass to create a vivid colour print.

A polymer material, polycarbonate is strong, tough, and easily molded. Often, it is used as a label or for a polycarbonate plate. It is used to make anything from keyboard coatings to vending machine covers. Polycarbonate labels protect the machine’s metal from any moisture and other external elements. Get your custom polycarbonate print for your next digital printing project.

Wood and MDF
Printing on wood has never been so easy. Widely used for advertising, designing, and decorating, print your design on your wood or MDF (medium-density fibreboard). Whatever the wood, be it your bed, appliance, or table, our direct printing services can print an array of designs and colours.

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