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The Latest in Laser Cutting Technology

In general, laser cutting uses a laser to cut materials in a wide variety of industries, including advertising and decorating. Once the powerful laser is placed on the intended sections, the material is melted, sublimated, and cut due to the gas pressure from the material’s surface. This leaves an edge with a high-quality, smooth finish.

Compared to mechanical and traditional cuttings, the cross-sectional quality at the cutting points is obtained with a high level of precision. The cutting sections are not subject to any fluctuation or changes due to the small area receiving effective heat.


Based on a predetermined design, our engraving imprints a motif on a variety of surfaces. Past engraving was completed with basic tools such as drills and hammers, while today it is done with automatic and laser machines. Laser engraving provides greater precision and enhanced elegance compared to traditions methods. It can implement a variety of designs, operate at a top-speed, and produce a low volume of wasted material.

Laser engraving has revolutionized the advertising and printing industries by using the latest in modern technology. They can be used to make replicas, puzzles, promotional gift decorations, seals, light boards, postcards, wedding cards made of wood and plexiglass materials, and many more products.

Learn more about our laser cutting and engraving services by giving our team a call today.

CNC Milling Machine

With our CNC milling, we have the ability to drill and cut along multiple axes to produce various shapes and holes. We use our milling machine to carve out some of our 3D products, such as statues, with most made from metal components. From complex to simple parts, our machine offers extreme precision in the creation of our products.

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